YouTuber with Pet Fish Plays Video Games, Pays with Credit Card

A Japanese YouTuber set out to solve one of nature’s greatest mysteries – can a fish play video games well? – and complete with complex credit card information costs.

According to Techspot, YouTuber “Mutekimaru Channel” went to see if their pet fish could finish a Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch. If you are wondering how a fish should play video games, a reasonable question with a surprisingly reasonable answer. The YouTuber sets up a website to track the activity of the fish and uses a schedule that allows the game to be played.

This isn’t this fish’s first video game. In 2020, another Pokemon game was released. It took 3,195 hours. Sure, a person should be able to do that in about 30 hours, but that’s a pretty good score for something that swims in its own waste.

A YouTuber wanted to see if his fish could play video games but ended up with inexplicable credit card charges. (Photo by Joby Sessions/Future via Getty Images)

Now, it’s time to see if the fish can do it again. Mutekimaru arranged everything and placed the fish. However, since the owner did not leave the river alive, the fish decided to go on a sale.

The ichthyological world now has an answer to the age-old question, “are fish bad for money?” The answer is a definite yes.


Somehow, the fish was able to use the correct command to charge the owner’s credit card ¥500 to the Nintendo eShop. That’s only $4. Bought a new avatar and sent a Paypal confirmation email.

Mutekimaru’s screen name was also changed to “ROWAWAWAWA¥.” Whether or not it translates into some kind of obscenity in an undisclosed fish language can remain a mystery.

If it were me I would just eat $4. It makes no sense to call the credit union. Imagine trying to explain this situation over the phone.

“Hi, my pet fish stole my credit card… Sure, I was trying to play Pokemon… I caught him first… *click*… Hi?

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