XRP Lawyers Warn of Crypto Regulatory Delays Amid Pending Decision

XRP Status News: While the crypto community waits for clear regulations in the digital asset market, lawyers are involved in the US SEC Vs Ripple lawsuit some warnings have been flagged off. However, the US watchdog has been called for enforcement crypto code without giving clear instructions.

XRP judgment to provide more transparency?

John Deaton, A friend of the court in court XRP said that the US is left behind in the race towards crypto regulations. Although he believes it’s a smart regulation that won’t become law anytime soon.

Elaborating on the timeline, he said the first chance to get a clarification would be in the first or second quarter of 2025. However, it would be better to expect a law now. Currently, It is expected that the digital asset industry will continue to receive guidance, through judicial decisions from the SEC.

The Federal District Court has yet to issue rulings on the LBRY cried, Dragonchain claim and most importantly Ripple claim. The US SEC relies on the outcome of these sanctions to provide guidance to the market.

However, Deaton called out the crypto community in order to fight against the SEC’s enforcement. As expected the XRP trial will play a big part in this process.

Does LBRY’s claim give the SEC more power?

The XRP holder’s attorney, John Deaton is also part of the SEC Vs LBRY lawsuit. Although the overall decision of the case has already been received and the SEC received a decisive victory from the judge. The commission admitted on record that the majority of LBC token holders do not see LBC as an investment. As they use the LBC code for use.

However, the SEC has refused to provide clarification on the secondary trading of LBC tokens after the positive result.

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