Why Trump dropped his suit against New York’s attorney general

When it comes to the threat of litigation, Donald Trump has received a reputation as something of a paper tiger. The Republican will rant and rave about targeting his opponents and rivals, but most of the time, it’s the former president’s threats. proved meaningless.

Last year, however, trumpet it’s less put up and more charged. For those tired of his bullying attempts, that’s good news. For those seeking serious legal action, however, the Republican’s litigation strategy is something of a disaster.

His case against Hillary Clinton and other Democratic opponents was so unfortunate that a judge threw out the case and awarded nearly $1 million in punitive damages. His case against the Pulitzer Prize Board is surely all nonsense.

What about the former president’s case against the New York Attorney General? The strange thing is, like NBC News reportedthat trial has gone quietly, at least for now.

Former President Donald Trump has dismissed the federal lawsuit he filed in Florida against New York Attorney General Letitia James. Trump’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case before US District Judge Donald Middlebrooks on Friday morning.

For those who are benefiting from a reminder, let’s briefly review how we got to this point.

In September, James announced a big cry against the former president, his three grown children and the Trump Organization itself. The civil case was very damaging: The state attorney general’s office, referring to more than 200 examples of fraud over 10 years, is looking for about $250 million in civil penalties.

Shortly before Christmas, Trump and his lawyers apparently thought it would be a good idea to turn the tables and charge James’s officeaccusing the state AG of pursuing a political agenda.

This is not a good idea. Like MSNBC opinion columnist Jessica Levinson explain, “As usual with his claims, Trump’s only problem with his claim against James is the law against him. Public prosecutors can have political activities without violating the basic rights of the people being investigated by the public prosecutor.

In other words, the case is likely to fail.

So why withdraw the claim, instead of giving up the process? Because of the pending case with Judge Middlebrooks – this is what happened the same federal judge who blasted Trump and his lawyers for filing the impeachable anti-Clinton case.

“Mr. Trump is a ruthless and litigious person who always uses the courts to take revenge on political enemies. He is the epitome of abuse of court, and cannot be seen as a judge who blindly follows the advice of a lawyer. He was fully aware of the consequences of his actions,” Middlebrooks wrote Thursday. “So, I know that punishment should be imposed on Mr. Trump and his lead attorney.”

And wouldn’t you know it, about half a day after the judge handed down penalties to Team Trump totaling $937,989, the former president and his lawyers said, “Don’t worry about that. others frivolous case we filed.”

Sure, Republicans can file the case again at another time. But at least for now, it looks like an embarrassing retreat in response to a humiliating defeat.

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