Who Will Pay For Man Of Steel’s City Ruin Explained By Lawyers

Insurance attorney Stacey Giuliani examines the climax of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and explains who will pay for the destruction of Metropolis.

Man of steelThe ending shows how much Metropolis is in ruins, and now, an insurance lawyer is explaining who he is. all paid. Announced in 2013, Man of steel marks the first film in Zack Snyder’s DCU Snyderverse. The film met with mixed reviews from critics but did well at the box office. Man of steel as an opening story for Henry Cavill’s Superman and see the hero facing Michael Shannon’s General Zod. The two superpowers come to blows during the climax of the movie and their fight ends up destroying much of the Metropolis skyline.


In a new video from Vanity FairInsurance attorney Stacey Giulianti takes a closer look at the Man of steel‘s cliffhanger ending and break down who is responsible for paying for all the destruction.

After making sure that the damage caused by Superman and Zod will be easy in the realm of “hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars” because buildings must be torn down, roads replaced, expenses paid, and additional costs, Giulianti explains that the unique circumstances of the war and the fact that it is a war means that the insurance companies may not be true . responsible for payment. Check out Giulianti’s full statement below:

If it’s a terrorist act, then it’s usually covered by insurance companies and it’s called the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act. Before 9/11, insurance did not exclude terrorism. They require insurance companies to certify terrorist activities, but after a certain limit, the federal government will provide its money, up to a limit, to pay for damages caused by terrorist activities. One of the biggest penalties in almost all insurance policies is what we call war. If someone is trying to take over your country, you can argue that this is an important policy and that property insurance is not covered. The reason it doesn’t include wars is because there are so many bad things. General Zod is trying to sort out the world. To me, that’s an important process, and the insurance companies won’t make any money.”

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The Devastating Ending Of Man Of Steel Confused For Superman Fans

Superman killed Zod in Man of Steel.

Although Man of steel is widely considered a high point for the Snyderverse, the result is certainly not without its detractors. A lot of collateral damage is one element of this, and Superman and Zod fly over skyscraperswhich of course caused thousands of sick people to die, but the bigger issue is that Superman actually killed Shannon’s villain in time. Man of steelthe most important moments. Refusing to give up on Superman, Zod uses his heat vision to try to kill a group of mutants and, out of options, Superman ends up Zod’s neck.

Superman, as shown in the comics, often refuses to kill anyone. A hero holds himself in high regard and is often considered a powerful source of goodness. That is, even if it is easier for Superman to just kill his enemies, he chooses not to take the easy way but to try to contain, incapacitate, or recover. Despite this law “No Killing”, however, the The Man of Steel is killed on purpose characters many times in comics. In addition to killing General Zod, the trailer also sees the hero kill Mister MXYZPTLK, Judgment Day, and the Joker, among others. Superman even kills Zod (played by Terence Stamp) in the background Superman II in the 1980s, although it was not a special event.

While the argument remains about Superman’s decision to snap Zod’s neck Man of steel, the film still marks Cavill’s reign as the DC hero. DC Studios co-creators James Gunn and Peter Safran have confirmed that Cavill will not play in their new version of Superman that they hope to release in next few years, Man of steel seems permanent this is the only movie of the actor as the hero. Based on Giulianti’s analysis, however, it seems that the American government will be less concerned with Superman’s decision to kill Zod than with the amount of destruction that must be paid for.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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