Which states have the cheapest car insurance?

Which states are the cheapest and most expensive for comprehensive auto insurance?

In terms of full auto insurance, the results are a little different. The top three US states for the cheapest auto insurance rates are Vermont ($92 a month), Maine ($93 a month) and Idaho ($99 a month). By comparison, the most expensive states for comprehensive insurance are Michigan ($399 a month), Florida ($238 a month), and Rhode Island ($229 a month).

Where is the cheapest/most expensive car insurance?

ValuePenguin also found that, among the major insurers that offer auto insurance, the cheapest is Auto-Owners, with an average of $36 per month for the lowest price. On the other side of the spectrum, Farmer was identified as having the most expensive auto insurance rates for both low cost and full coverage.

Which drivers pay the most for car insurance?

In general, younger drivers will pay more for car insurance, says ValuePenguin – this is because inexperienced drivers tend to experience more accidents behind the wheel. To put things in perspective, a rate comparison website stated that an 18-year-old driver pays more than twice as much for car insurance as a 25-year-old driver. Drivers over the age of 16 pay an average of $584 annually for comprehensive auto insurance, while those over the age of 35 pay just $143.

Which gender pays more for car insurance?

While a driver’s gender has an effect on their car insurance rates, ValuePenguin notes that its effect on drivers 30 or older is smaller, noting that there is little variation in rates at that year. But among younger drivers, men can be charged 13% higher than women; ValuePenguin suggested that this is because they drive more often, get more speeding tickets, have more accidents, and get more DUIs. Currently, non-professional drivers are paid slightly more than female drivers.

Using a 20-year-old driver as an example, ValuePenguin found that women paid an average monthly premium of $126, followed by non-partner drivers at $129, then found that men have a higher rate of $142.

Which cars are the cheapest to insure?

According to ValuePenguin, the Honda CR-V is the cheapest car to insure, with a monthly premium of $156. Surprisingly, the Ford F-150 is the second cheapest car to insure, with a monthly premium of $164.

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