“We are building towards better days”

It is not an accident at the end of the day, he advised: “The world will not end, and it will not explode in growth. There has to be a balance for that. Make business and personal decisions for the future, and don’t overdo it. Business should not increase and invest. Unfortunately, companies did but I don’t think they hired for the wrong reasons – the business was there, now it’s not as big.

The result: “It will be half of the business. Then guess what? They need half the number of people to serve all businesses – files, secretaries, front people. It really is. So you find a balance in the middle of that to continue to manage and operate a successful, healthy business.

Senko spoke from personal experience: “We started the business on the heels of the financial crisis in ’99. We cruised in ’07 and ’08. We are the only non-QM that continued lending through the coldest days of COVID. We were successful in the last two years, and we continue to keep the lights on without any fear or worry that we will shoot the company down. I know for a fact that companies must use their own, shared equity – part of their company – to survive.

In the winter of the old man in the middle of his run, the old man is drawn by QM to the sky for comfort. “If you keep calm and look to the future, things will get brighter every day. Tomorrow and next week may not be brighter, but there are a few extra minutes. the day.”

The bottom line: “In 2023, people still need to buy houses,” he said. “People are still on the move. The need is still there.”

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