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Sarah Carpenter has been promoted to marketing director at water stone mortgagewhile Olga Rosales has been promoted to director of business insights and Melissa Wagner to director of human resources.

Carpenter has more than 12 years of experience in marketing management, brand management, and graphic design. He joined Waterstone Mortgage in April 2021 as marketing manager and was promoted to senior marketing manager in 2022.

In his new role, Carpenter will continue to lead the marketing and creative teams, working closely with the sales leadership. He will also work closely with sales and service (branch management, sales, and business intelligence) to provide ongoing support. the Waterstone Mortgage subsidiary and sales force and increased the company’s market share.

Waterstone Mortgage Releases Third Notice
Olga Rosales

Rosales joined Waterstone Mortgage in April 2019. Throughout his time at the company, he led the BI strategy and architecture, and established the data model. In his new role, Rosales will lead the business intelligence team, which uses data to provide evidence-based actionable information. This will help Waterstone Mortgage’s business team make better decisions on how to increase productivity, reduce costs, and be more efficient.

Rosales has nearly 20 years of business leadership experience, including 15 years at MGIC.

Waterstone Mortgage Releases Third Notice
Melissa Wagner

Wagner joined Waterstone Mortgage in July 2020 as an HR business partner. He was promoted to HR manager in 2021 and senior HR manager in 2022.

Prior to joining Waterstone Mortgage, Wagner worked in human resources at a private equity firm and worked at an investment management firm while attending graduate school.

In his new role at Waterstone Mortgage, Wagner will oversee the human resources division, which includes employee relations, payroll, benefits and recruiting and onboarding/offboarding. He has over 12 years of experience in HR.

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