Van Gogh paintings stolen from DIA may disappear again, lawyer says

To the dismay of an art collector in a race against time, a federal judge on Thursday withheld a ruling on a stolen Vincent van Gogh painting on display at the Detroit Institute. of Art.

A Brazilian art collector who claims to be the owner of the painting is suing the DIA to return the painting before the famous “Van Gogh in America” ​​exhibition ends on Sunday, and his attorney emphasized in the judge of time is very important.

“My client wants to be brought back before he disappears again,” Aaron Phelps’ lawyer argued in court on Thursday, and to maintain the authority of the judge to order the DIA to give his client the photo.

DIA attorney Andrew Pauwels argued that the judge had no jurisdiction and that the painting is protected from confiscation under a 1967 federal law protecting important cultural works from confiscation while on display. in the US In addition, he emphasized that the painting has never been reported. as stolen or lost to law enforcement in the US or abroad.

A security guard stands next to a Van Gogh painting,

The Judge will see how the case can be resolved

But Phelps said that a third party in Brazil stole the film from his client and does not use the law of protection that the DIA mentioned in this case.

“Obviously it wasn’t designed to protect stolen photos,” argued Phelps, who declined to say why his client apparently didn’t report the stolen photos.

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