VA Waiver of HUD/VA Additions to Standard Home Loan Applications | JD Supra

Inside Posted 26-23-03 The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced the elimination of the HUD / VA Addendum to the Uniform Residential Loan Application (VA Form 26-1802a), as well as the Federal Collection Policy Notice (VA Form 26-0503). VA advises in the Bulletin that these documents are included VA Paper 26-1820which lenders use to report a loan to the VA for approval at closing.

Borrowers must use the new VA Form 26-1820 for loans with application dates on or after February 1, 2023. of February, 2023, and the deprecated forms are no longer being used with loans that use the new VA 26-1820. VA encourages borrowers to use the new VA Form 26-1820 for applications received prior to this date. VA reminds borrowers that VA Form 26-1820 must be fully completed and executed by the borrower and the cosigner (if applicable) at the closing time.

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