US Attorney’s Office to Collect Over $53.5 Million in Fiscal Year 2022

OKLAHOMA CITY – United States Attorney Robert J. Troester announced today that the Western District of Oklahoma (WDOK) collected $53,584,692 in criminal and civil and through the removal of assets in Fiscal Year 2022.

From the amount of money collected and worked specifically by the district, $3,245,900 was for criminal activities and $2,952,310 was for civil activities. WDOK also worked with the Department of Justice and other US Attorney’s Offices to collect $40,997,638 in civil cases. WDOK collected $6,388,844 by leveraging assets through partnerships with agencies and groups. Forfeited assets are deposited into the DOJ Assets Forfeiture Fund to be used for restitution to criminals as well as for law enforcement purposes.

“Not only to maintain the safety of the communities, but my office has also given priority to the recovery of financial losses suffered by those who have been involved in crimes as well as tax payers. lost money due to government fraud or loan defaults,” said US Attorney General Robert J. Troester. “I am proud of the talented women and men in my office who are using the tools provided by Congress to seek to achieve financial justice in the criminal courts and for the public that includes the United States.”

Highlights of the Western District of Oklahoma’s FY2022 efforts include:

  • After a joint investigation with other parts of the DOJ, Balfour Beatty Communities LLC (BBC), one of the largest companies that provided special military buildings to the US Armed Forces, paid $ 35.2 million to resolve claims that they defrauded the US Air Force, US Army, and US Navy by misrepresenting meeting performance targets to receive unqualified incentives eat
  • Following the declaration of conscience, Oklahoma Heart Hospital South, LLC paid $1,151,770.50 to resolve allegations that it provided false information for Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation services billed to Medicare.
  • Comanche County Hospital Authority (“CCHA”) and two doctors have paid $550,000 to settle civil lawsuits alleging that prescriptions issued by Dr. Harden and Varkey were outside the normal course of professional conduct and the CCHA neglected to implement appropriate policies and procedures.
  • INTEGRIS ProHealth, Inc., and its parent company, INTEGRIS Health, Inc. paid $120,000 to settle civil penalties stemming from allegations that Integris Baptist Medical Center Pharmacy violated the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 and its regulations by failing to it’s a good time. notify DEA of the theft or loss of large amounts of Schedule II controlled substances.
  • The $100,000.00 monetary penalty against Rodger Bramley was collected in full on June 17, 2022. In 2013, Bramley and several other individuals were indicted for their involvement in an illegal gambling enterprise, Legendz Sports. In 2015, Bramley was convicted by a federal judge of conspiracy, operating a money laundering business, and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

The US Attorneys’ Office, along with the department’s judicial divisions, is responsible for enforcing and collecting federal and criminal debts owed to the United States and criminal debts owed to criminals. of the federal government. The law requires defendants to pay restitution to victims of certain federal crimes who suffer physical injury or financial loss. While victim compensation is paid, fines and felony convictions are paid into the department’s Crime Victims Fund, which distributes funds of collecting federal and state compensation and assistance programs.

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