Trump, lawyers ordered to pay more than $937,000 in penalties for alleged abuse of court

Former President Trump waves after speaking at an event at his Mar-a-Lago home on November 15, 2022 in Palm Beach, Florida. Photo: Joe Raedle via Getty Images

A federal judge in Florida ordered it former President Trump and his lawyers to pay more than $937,000 in penalties as of Thursday,

Taking news: District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks ruled that they engaged in a “persistent pattern of judicial abuse” to “dishonestly promote a political agenda” in the case. his complaint against Hillary Clinton.

Why it matters: Trump’s suit falsely accused Clinton, her campaign and other Democrats of working to paint a false story about Trump colluding with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election. .

  • Middlebrooks dismissed the case However, last September, it was called a “two-hundred-page political manifesto” and concluded that Trump exceeded the statute of limitations.

Details: Under Thursday’s order, Trump and his lead attorney, Alina Habba of Habba Madaio & Associates, are “jointly and jointly for $937,989.39.”

What they say: “This case should never have been brought. Its inadequacy as a legal claim was clear from the beginning,” Middlebrooks, a Clinton appointee, wrote in the memo. 46-page file.

  • “No proper attorney to file. In the interest of a political campaign, no sentence of the amended complaint stated a legal claim.”
  • “The continued misuse of the courts by Mr. Trump and his lawyers undermines the rule of law, exposes judges as partisan, and diverts resources from those who are truly victims of the law,” he said.

  • “Mr. Trump is a ruthless and sophisticated person who uses the courts to retaliate against political enemies,” Middlebrooks added, calling his “use of a frivolous punishment” the cornerstone of a “great plan, or a driver’s manual.”

What we’re watching: Trump’s attorneys previously said they would appeal the decision after Middlebrooks dropped the lawsuit.

  • Representatives for Trump and Habba did not immediately return requests for comment.

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