Trump has withdrawn the lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James

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Former President Donald Trump has withdrawn his lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James – which he filed in response to a $250 million fraud lawsuit against Trump and his business –a lot shop reported on Friday, one day after a federal judge fined the former president $1 million for a “retaliatory” lawsuit against Hillary Clinton.

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Jacob found it charge Trump, his children and the Trump Organization last September because of allegations that he committed “repeated and persistent” fraud, and tried to prevent him from entering any company in the state of New York.

In response to the suit, Trump sought to protect James from an enforceable trust in which he placed his company’s management after being elected president in 2016, seeking “protection from James’s desire to invade his privacy.”

Trump withdrew the claim on Friday, although his lawyers did not comment on why the claim was withdrawn.

Trump also accused James of leading a “relentless, persistent conspiracy” and “unconscionable conspiracy” against him, and that the attorney general tried to crush him “personally, in financial and political.”

It’s a creative story.


It came one day after U.S. District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks chastised Trump and his personal attorney for filing a “frivolous” lawsuit last March that alleged Clinton colluded. and the Democratic National Committee to tarnish Trump’s reputation over an “unconscionable conspiracy” in which Trump colluded with Russia. office in the 2016 election. The suit was dismissed in September when Middlebrooks ruled that there was no school. Middlebrooks warned Trump on Thursday that he “used the courts to retaliate against political enemies.”

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