“They told him to plead guilty.” Eva Kaili’s lawyer against the judges – Qatargate

William Zanellato for Igiornale – Eva Kaili’s lawyer has announced a new accusation against the Belgian court: “They offered her to plead guilty to be released from prison and be able to hug her daughter again”
The lawyer of Eva Kaili, former vice president of the European Parliament involved in the Qatargate investigation, is not willing to mess with the Belgian court. After the condemnation of the accusation of “ancient torture” against his client, after focusing on the methods of the “excellent” judge Michel Claise, today comes a final and heavy charge. “From the very first time they asked Eva Kaili to be released from prison and be able to hug her daughter again”. A do ut des lea, if confirmed, has nothing to do with the principles of law.
The lawyer has sued the Brussels prosecutor’s office
The Greek MEP of Pasok, the Greek socialist party, often professes his innocence. This is the opinion of the lawyer, who has long made a plan to counter the sound of accusations against the Belgian court. As reported by Corriere della Sera, Eva Kaili’s lawyer, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, would have made a final attack: “They asked Eva Kaili to agree to be released from prison and be able then hugged his daughter again” . This is not the first time that the lawyer has criticized the judicial pressure c his daughter is only two years old to get permission from her mother to change.” Despite the fact that leaving his daughter was a great psychological pain, he did not agree to admit something he did not do. ” According to the lawyer, the former vice president of the Eurochamber “does not want his daughter to inherit the disgrace of a politician’s mother, because it is not true “.
The lawyer refers all kinds of accusations to the person who sent them: “Eva Kaili fought at the Council meeting, and spoke clear and dignified words and gave solid arguments to open it up”. If on the one hand it is appropriate to punish the political interference in the European Parliament and confirm the specifics of corruption, on the other hand we must not be afraid of the methods, real or implied, of the Belgian court. Now, mind you, it’s just renewed accusations. But if the process of the investigators aimed at confiscating information from the MEPs goes beyond the limits of the law, as condemned by Eva Kaili’s lawyer, the damage will be doubled.

“Eva Kyle tortured like the Middle Ages”
And this is only the latest information in the series of allegations released by the Greek prosecutor. Last Thursday the judges of the Council of Brussels did it guarantee security for Eva Kaili, who will remain in Haren prison, in the north-east of the city of Brussels, where she has been detained since December 9 on charges of corruption.
Eva Kaili’s lawyers have prepared a defense to prove the Greek politician’s innocence. Today it all appears on the former Vice President of the European Parliament. Eva Kaili, this morning did not make a statement before the judges of the meeting room of the Court of Brussels. This was reported by the woman’s lawyer, Andrè Rizopoulos and Mihailis Dimitrakoupolos, at the end of the trial.
Legal objection
Meanwhile, the first statements from the lawyers of the Greek parliament are coming. Mihalis Dimitrakopuolos, Eva Kaili’s lawyer, seems certain. When asked by the reporters who were in the courthouse in Brussels, he tried to keep his voice down: “It has not been damaged and I hope they will open it soon”. The words seem to condemn Eva Kaili, the Greek MEP who ended up at the center of the Qatargate scandal. according to what emerged from the research papers, the confession of a part of the first vice president of the European Parliament does not seem to worry the woman’s lawyers. According to lawyers, the reconstruction of newspapers does not correspond to the truth. According to what the documents teach, Kyle would have done part of the immigration.” He knew about the activities of his wife and Mr Panzeri in the past and that the suitcases of banknotes passed through his house” and admitted that he “gave his father an order to hide the money”. It was written this by the Belgian judge who is investigating Qatargate with the warrant for the Pasok MEP. Kaili spoke to the investigators in a report reported by Il Fatto Quotidiano. And he, returning to the question of money, would have proved “the money belongs to Panzeri”, who “left some money and came to get it”. He “More trusted Francesco than his apartment”. Eva Kaili had the paper money in her house because she liked the “parliamentary protection”.

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