These are winter driving mistakes that could void your insurance

DRIVERS are being warned about driving mistakes that could invalidate their insurance.

With the UK getting ready for snow again with temperatures set below, freezing conditions can have a major impact on people’s driving.


These are winter driving mistakes that could void your insuranceCredit: Getty

Wise people c Motorcycle insurance here are five mistakes that could void your insurance.

The first thing is not to leave your car while fueling.

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It may seem like a quick way to warm up your car without putting ice in it, but “freeze” means criminals have a better chance of steal your car.

It is also important to clear all snow from the roof, windows and number plates.

This is a common mistake and could result in your insurance being voided as well as a fine.

Leaving snow on your roof can be dangerous because the snow can fall and block your or another driver’s vision, especially when stopping or driving at high speed. .

Drivers should also make sure they have all the windows and lights on.

All glass tables used need to be frosted and tempered to ensure they are within the rules.

Experts also say you shouldn’t put hot water on your windshield.

While this may seem like a quick fix, it may cause small cracks to appear, which can weaken the glass.

And drivers should always check their tires before driving, because driving in wet and snowy conditions can affect the design of your tires. .

If your tread depth is low, your brake performance will be reduced.

You have a higher chance of causing an accident if your tire is under the limit.

Drivers can be fined for this unless they are approached by deputies.

Matthew Stokes, Special Insurance Manager from Motorcycle Insurance, said: “Winter driving is a challenge for many, and it’s no surprise that it can knock someone’s confidence when even in a little ice or snow.”

“While it is not illegal to drive in bad weather, drivers can break their rules for a number of reasons, including leaving a car unattended or forgetting to wash it.” the snow from the glass, numbers and roof.

“With the cold weather and snow predicted this winter, people should be very careful if they have to go out in bad weather and should do so only when absolutely necessary.”

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