The Springfield woman said the loan was taken out in her name without her knowledge

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A woman in Springfield recently found out someone took out a loan in her name. He only found out when he was informed that he had to pay.

Heidi Herrington has the following on social media. He is a creator, and his Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube have more than half a million followers.

His work made him an independent contractor, and during the illness, he took a Loan Protection Program he said he was forgiven.

“My mom called me and said, oh you got a letter from the SBA, so I’m going to give it to you,” Herrington said.

The SBA stands for Small Business Administration and he didn’t think about it.

“So I opened it and said my payment is due for my COVID-19 EIDL loan.”

EIDL loans are used for regular expenses, including salaries, equipment purchases, and debt payments. But it had to be paid back. His 13 days after receiving the letter. Except he never made this loan.

He says he owes $5,000 plus interest for defaulting on the loan.

Harrington said his identity was stolen four years ago when he lost his passport. He has been dealing with issues ever since. Because the address used was the one on his passport, he thinks that’s how they got his information.

“This loan has been due since 2020,” said Herrington. “So I didn’t know what happened in the background.”

He shared his story on social media and others said it happened to them too.

According to him, it is most worrying for those who may be affected by their credit before they know what is happening.

The Better Business Bureau says protection in situations like this is important.

“If someone suspects a victim of identity theft, it’s important that they act quickly,” said Pamela Hernandez with the Springfield Better Business Bureau.

He recommends going HERE first report your identity.

For more steps on what to do if you believe a loan was taken out in your name, click HERE.

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