The Santa Clara County district attorney was sworn in for a fourth term

SAN JOSE – Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen was sworn in for his fourth term on Thursday, as he vowed to build a “house of justice” for the South Bay through force. charges with an eye for “specialty”.

Rosen renewed his position at a meeting in the board’s boardroom in San Jose, which was attended by elected officials and law enforcement leaders from the Bay Area. Campbell councilor Evan Low expressed hope, while South Bay Rep. Longtime Zoe Lofgren greeted Rosen as he took his fourth oath of office.

“I know he will support our Constitution; he will serve our citizens with excellence,” said Lofgren.

In a 15-minute speech after the swearing-in, Rosen described his vision for the next four years with an analogy of building and strengthening a house.

“I believe the DA’s office is a building of justice. Our job is to build a building where justice can live, work and shine,” Rosen said. honesty.”

Rosen won the re-election outright in June 2022 first place by receiving about 56% of the vote in his first race as a representative. He confronted the deputy attorney general Sajid Khan and Daniel Chunga one-time state attorney involved in a political and legal conflict with Rosen and his status with the office is in limbo after he was terminated and then reinstated after the trial.

Rosen received his public challenge from Khan, who along with his supporters pushed a hard-reform platform through the national conversation on police violence fueled by the death of George Floyd in 2020 and progressive movement to end mass incarceration.

After taking his fourth oath of office, Jeff Rosen addressed more than 20 state attorneys before they were sworn in at the Santa Clara County Board of Directors’ meeting room in San Jose on January 19, 2023. (Courtesy of Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office)

In previous speeches leading up to his re-election bid last year, Rosen said he supported “common sense plans” for the criminal-justice system, and said not all of the proposed changes were a re-election. reform is like that, in explaining his chosen support for legal changes. in the past few years. He returned to that topic Thursday.

“Social security and justice do not stand alone, but must be tied together,” he said. “Without both, we have nothing.”

He added: “We protect our community from serious, violent and repeat offenders by fully arresting those offenders and sending them to prison and providing support and services to help them. to criminals … think of their evil deeds and change their bad ways, and reform themselves to be useful and law-abiding people.”

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