The owners of security companies have been charged with embezzlement, insurance fraud

UNION CITY, Calif. (BCN) – The owners of a Union City company have been charged with “egregious” wage theft involving 87 employees who are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office alleges. on Friday.

Ferooz Nangeyali and Alejandra Nangeyali own Alfa Private Security Services and allegedly failed to pay their employees properly for regular and overtime hours. There are more than $800,000 in unpaid wages.

The District Attorney’s investigation began in December 2021. It was also revealed in this investigation that Ferooz Nangeyali is alleged to have co-owned or Homemade guns are often called ghost guns.

Ferooz Nangeyali was also accused of giving guns to some workers who did not have a license to carry them. Some employees were given guns and were not trained to use them, employees reported to prosecutors.

“The actions of these owners to cheat employees out of their fair and reasonable wages is completely unacceptable,” District Attorney Pamela Price said in a statement. “These workers are owed their rightful wages.”

Ferooz Nangeyali and Alejandra Nangeyali are also accused of defrauding their employer of $88,000, prosecutors said. The alleged fraud was revealed when the insurance company conducted a special investigation based on the information obtained in the investigation, which said the lawyer.

“When workers are underpaid and cheated out of their hard earned wages, it creates a devastating domino effect that affects workers and every aspect of our economy,” said California Labor Commissioner Lilia Garcia. -Brower in a comment.

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Ferooz Nangeyali is facing nine serious charges including embezzlement, insurance fraud, possession of an assault weapon, and among others, the possession of a Short gun. Alejandra Nangeyali is charged with five counts of embezzlement and insurance fraud.

Ferooz Nangeyali and Alejandra Nangeyali are scheduled to appear before the court on February 14 to plead guilty. Efforts to get a statement on behalf of the homeowner were unsuccessful late Friday afternoon.

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