The Oklahoma Attorney General requires more time between sentencing

Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond file a motion with the Ministry of Corrections asking for the next seven days of the sentence to be pushed back to 60 days, changing the current time from one sentence every month to one every two months.

According to Drummond, the current pace of sentencing is unsustainable for DOC employees, and more time between sentencing is needed to allow for the intensive training and preparation needed to serve the sentence. state level.

If approved, the request will reverse the execution of Richard Eugene Glossip, Jemaine Monteil Cannon, Anthony Castillo Sanchez, Phillip Dean Hancock, James Chandler Ryder, Michael Dewayne Smith and Wade Greely Lay.

Drummond also said that he spoke to the families of the seven death row inmates before submitting the request to explain his request.

Last week, the state killed Scott Eizemberand Drummond said he participated in the execution in one of his first major actions as Oklahoma’s top law enforcement officer.

Meanwhile, the next trial is scheduled for February 16 for Richard Glossip.

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