The officer has been humiliated in court because the man he arrested 32 years ago continues to fight for his innocence

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — It’s been almost four years since Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle were shot in their home during a drug raidshis deputy prosecutor, former Houston police officer Gerald Goines, was back in court Thursday.

Goines’ attorneys argued in front of the judge that the murder charge against him be dismissed, but if not, they want a change of venue.

“We believe that the charges are not valid. We submitted them to the court and waited for the appearance to complete its investigation of these important cases,” said Nicole DeBorde, one of the lawyers who are appearing. for Goins. “We need to know exactly what we are dealing with in terms of a charge so that we can have a chance to have a fair fight in front of the four.” court, and we appreciate the court’s consideration of these important issues”.

As the trial unfolded in open court, a few miles west at the law office of attorney Stan Schneider, it all seemed familiar.

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“The same thing, the same type of criminal reporting, the same false information, the same trick,” said Schneider, who represented Keith Carter in the case. Goines was involved back in 1991.

“Goines was coming out of nowhere, and I was on the ground, and I guess I was in the middle of a drug bust or something,” said Carter, who spoke to ABC13 at Schneider’s office. “(I didn’t sell) cars to Goines.”

During his first trial, Carter was found guilty based on Goines’ testimony and sentenced to 30 years behind bars. But even then, the judge agreed with Schneider that there were major problems with Goines’ police work. Carter was granted a new trial.

“It was very important to the evidence presented to the DA at the time, Goines’ testimony in court, the crime report he wrote, all the evidence he gave against Keith was false,” Schneider said.

But the damage was done. Carter said Goines threatened her by saying, “I’m going to get you,” while awaiting her second hearing. Therefore, he went against the advice of his lawyer and pleaded no contest because of his fear. From that moment on, Carter will never be able to change his life. He spent the next ten years in and out of prison, unable to overcome legal and personal challenges.

“It was devastating,” he said.

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Last month, a federal judge agreed that Carter should never be charged. His appeal is expected to be approved by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

“He lied on reports, he lied on police records, he lied under oath, and he lied on affidavits, and it happens every day that Goines is an officer in the HPD Narcotics (Division).” Romy Kaplan, another attorney working on Carter’s case. , said. “Our hope is that he will be found and found innocent because Keith was innocent of the crime in 1991.”

It’s not clear how many cases are currently being reviewed or appealed that Goines has handled during his long career at HPD. ABC13 has interviewed several people who have been acquitted since the 2019 Harding Street shooting.

Meanwhile, next week the judge is expected to make a decision regarding a request by Goines’ attorney to have the charges dismissed. kill people and change the place.

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