The lawyer said he was tortured by the police, demanding $2 million

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – A lawyer who says he was victimized by police is seeking $2 million from the city of Dothan, according to a lawsuit obtained by WTVY.

Valerie Judah of Dothan, who was charged with DUI last year, alleges an officer handcuffed her behind her back despite repeatedly telling her she was a danger because his “bad knee.”

Judah fell on the concrete floor while that guard escorted him to the city jail and found wounds on his face which he said left permanent scars.

He was arrested after the officer, according to his report, observed him driving erratically at Ross Clark Circle.

Apart from the harsh accusations, Judas also said that it was insulting because of the picture of the other policeman as he fell.

“We feel like our civil rights were violated and as a result we have suffered permanent damage, emotional scars, and we are in counseling,” her attorney David Harrison said in a statement.

Dothana police declined to comment since civil and criminal charges are pending.

However, the department made its hands-off policy open.

“Anyone who is suspected of being detained under arrest for a serious crime or a crime must first have his hands tied behind his back, and then be searched before being taken to any place. This policy applies to all suspects regardless of age, gender, or appearance.

A few exceptions occur when getting behind is impossible or impossible, and for those arrested for minor traffic offenses and infractions, unless the officer fears a threat.

Utah is a former president of the Houston County Bar Association and a candidate for circuit judge in 2017.

If Dothana denies her claim or is unable to do so, she can file a lawsuit.

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