The Lawyer of the Italian MEP confirms the cooperation with the Belgian Justice

“My partner is sad because of his behavior, he destroyed the left, his political party,” said Laurent Ken, Antonio Panzeri’s lawyer, in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.
“At the beginning he was in contact with the Qatari left, which is far to the right according to our standards, but showed little interest in workers’ rights, right from 2017 to 2019 improve the situation. It’s a relationship that fits well with Pancheri’s thoughts, however, he betrayed him completely from the moment he took the money”, added the lawyer.
He explained that “his businessman started thinking about the possibility of working with the Belgian court before Christmas”, since “he is 68 years old and will start the court, maybe, when he is 72 years old. He wants to end this case. as soon as possible,” said Laurent Ken.

In a question related to Corriere, he replied: “Panseri has been accused of corruption since before 2019 he was a member of the European Parliament and the corruption is because called him the leader of a criminal organization and the target of corruption. The defense attorney has confirmed that his client’s plea agreement calls for a 5-year prison sentence, which will only be served once. he is in prison, which he considers “a normal punishment,” given the circumstances of the case.
According to the testimony of Eva Caili, which was recalled by Corriere, and the statement “the bag found in her house is Panzeri’s”, the lawyer of the former Italian MEP emphasized: “Caili is trying to defend himself. Pancheri will speak, he will tell the truth. The agreement with the police provides for a preliminary statement, but he will not be the accuser of others.”
In his statement in his statement that “Panseri is not the director of the organization,” his defense attorney explained:
“He is one of the leaders of a non-pyramid organization and a big mafia leader. There are individuals in Qatar and Morocco, who are recommending corruption to other people. Pancheri is only the intermediary. not speaking French or English, only Italian. So it is difficult for him to be a leader and talk with Qatar and Morocco.
As the former Italian MEP lawyer said, the mutual agreement does not concern his daughter and his wife, but “he hopes for a better treatment for them too”.
Finally, regarding the circumstances of Pancheri’s detention, Laurent Kee underlined:
“He is being held in Saint Gilles, one of the two worst prisons in Belgium. Most of the judges knew that, in this prison, the conditions do not respect the dignity of the people. My client has the same situation as other prisoners.”
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