The lawyer filed the petition against drugs which is the main reason why the co-accused in the YSL court was rushed to the hospital.

ATLANTA – A defense attorney representing one of the 14 YSL RICO defendants including hip hop legend Young Thug filed a plea today Friday to call for an independent investigation when he said that one of the accused was rushed to the hospital after being tested several times. members earlier this week.

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Prosecutor Surinder K. Chadha Jimenez, who is representing Cordarius Dorsey, filed the motion in response to the motion filed by the prosecutors on Thursday. accused Kahlieff Adams of giving Young Thug a Percocet pillhis real name is Jeffery Williams.


Defense attorney Keith Adams said Track 2 is Michael Seiden William did nothing wrong and passed something but he didn’t know what it was and immediately handed it over to an agent.

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“Not long after Mr. Adams was taken to the back of the holding cells, while in the courtroom, the undersigned attorney, his client, and other people heard loud banging and screaming from where Mr. Adams is being held,” the motion said.

“As the chaos arose, some police officers ran into the courtroom and entered the area where Mr. Adams was being held. The lawyer noticed that less than two police officers had taken off their belts and guns and rushed into the detention center. The sounds made many people in the courtroom sad, and at one point the Honorable Angela D’Williams asked to go back to check on her client. maintained but not approved. The undersigned attorneys and possibly other people were concerned about the safety of the defendants,” reads the motion.

It was also stated in the application that after hearing the loud noise coming from the back room, the neck was returned. arraigned in the courtroom except for Adams who was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

“According to the statement of the Government, Mr. Adams was taken to the hospital because he was accused of using the drug, but based on the statement and belief, the man was also taken Adams because he needed medical attention after being pulled over by police several times,” according to the motion. .

Several lawyers raised concerns about jurors hearing loud noises.

“Perhaps they were heard in the hallway where some of the jurors were waiting. A member of the jury advised the Court that the jury was told that ‘the defense should be strengthened,’” the motion said.

Defense attorneys are now asking for a law enforcement agency, such as the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, to conduct an investigation into the incident.

“Mr. Dorsey urged the Court to reject the State’s request to provide an account of what they believe happened and to only allow law enforcement (preferably an independent agency like the Georgia Bureau of Investigations) to investigate whether a crime has occurred or not. The great power used by the officials involved, and for the enforcement of the law to take any action they deem necessary within their discretion and without interference or influence from the Fulton County District Attorney,” according to the motion.

Channel 2 Action News reached out to attorneys and the Fulton County Sheriff’s office for comment.

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