The Gov. has called Edwards Special Event to Announce Insurance Fund, Jan. 30-Feb. 5.

BATON ROUGE, The. – Today, the Gov. John Bel Edwards called for the Louisiana Legislature to convene a special session on appropriate funds to the Insurance Louisiana Incentive Fund, a fund created in the 2022 legislative session with the goal of attracting insurance companies in Louisiana.

A special service will be held at noon on Monday, January 30 and postpone it as long as possible 6pm on Sunday, February 5.

In a statement, Governor Edwards said, “Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon has emphasized that the funding of the Louisiana Insurance Incentive Fund cannot wait until the regular session in April. I appreciate the cooperation together with the President of the Senate and the Speaker and the legislature in calling this special session to focus on this Fund. Although Commissioner Donelon said we should do this now, we have This is just the first step in solving Louisiana’s insurance issues after the hurricane seasons of 2020 and 2021, an emergency due to hurricanes and wildfires in other states in 2022. We will continue to work on this issue during the regular session starting in April.”

Senate President Page Cortez said, “Commissioner Donolen said that time is very important in terms of funding by the legislature for the stimulus program and therefore it is necessary to go to a special ceremony. While we understand that the problem cannot be completely solved we know the urgency. “

House Speaker Clay Schexnayder said, “While a special session to fund the Louisiana Incentive Fund will not solve the issue of the availability and affordability of property insurance for our citizens, it will a short term relief can be the first step forward. a long term solution. The Chamber will continue to work for a permanent solution to this situation so that our businesses and property owners do not end up in this cycle We need to attract more companies to write policies in our state. We hope that Commissioner Donelon will make the incentive program a temporary fix, but we need to do more to solve the problem.

Read the special session call—Exhibit No. 7 JBE 2023—by clicking here. link.


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