The family of Dani Alves, their lawyer and his first wife are taking a stand

The family of Dani Alves is not happy with the state of the footballer, who has already spent second night in prison Brians 1 in Barcelona. Ney Alves, the brother of the player, spoke with Spanish television Fiesta and they say they want to change lawyers.

“We know we have no power here. I think the lawyer’s practice is not good”, he said from Brazil regarding Miraida Puente Wislon. The wish of the family, is very concerned about the player’s situation, who is the financial support of the whole familyhiring the judge Andrés Marhuenda Martínez, asking him to visit him in prison to design a appropriate strategy to protect the player“.

It should be remembered, so far, The Brazilian has given three versions of what happened. First, he said that he did not know the victim, then he said that they met by chance, as shown by the club’s cameras, and finally, he said that the relationship happened. but they agreed to it. Well, it looks like the player would like to offer a fourth version.

His first wife and his successor believe in his innocence

Before marrying Joana Sanz, the Brazilian was married to Dinora Santana, who is also his manager and has two children.. Santana, who is in Barcelona and found out about the footballer’s imprisonment from his current lawyer, believe in his innocence.

“Dani could never do this. No way,” Santana said. “I tell you, I have known him for 22 years, and I have been married to him for 10 years,” he added.

He also said that his family has been devastated. “It’s been a long time surprise for me and my children. They are going through a very difficult time”, he said of the two teenagers in common. As for the family members in Brazil, he said “they are worried and overwhelmed because they want to see him, but they can’t”.

I know he is sad, but he is doing well. He is arranging everything with his lawyers. I’m here to do whatever it takes to help him,” he added. “I’m still scared. It seems like a nightmare and it’s not happening”he added.

Dinora Santana, who is also the manager of the scorer’s successexplained that the player asked him to call him: “He asked his lawyer to call me to resolve the most urgent matters, but I have not been able to contact him. I could not go to see him. His lawyer said that he has been punished by the law and that he cannot say anything. He can tell me he’s fine,” she said of privacy. the lawyer should have about the process.

“His lawyer said he can’t say anything. He just said that he is working on the issue to help him, and he can’t deal with everyone. Only Miraida (his lawyer) could see him,” he said.

Alves’ parents want to come to Spain

Fiesta also spoke with another brother of the player, Junior Alves, who was very moved by this situation and could not stop crying. “I can’t do it anymore. This is too much. It is forbidden to visit him. I don’t know what else to do,” he said.

Junior Alves is currently flying to Spain and His intention is to take the parents of the soccer player to Barcelona. “We will sacrifice our lives if necessary to get him out of this hell,” he concluded.

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