The Delaware County District Attorney goes to trial on charges of arresting minors

PRESS RELEASE – A media lawyer accused of secretly recording the sexual acts of young people has placed his fate in the hands of Supreme Court Justice G. Michael Green through an organized trial.

Patrick F. Lomax, 44, is charged with 47 counts of filming, filming, or computerized sexual acts. of a child under the age of 18; possession of child pornography; intercept, display or use electronic communications; invasion of privacy; criminal use of a communication site and display/end/correct inappropriate behavior by a minor.


Attorney Patrick Francis Lomax has left the district court in Media after being charged with multiple charges of child pornography and other crimes in 2020.

Deputy District Attorney Kristen Kemp withdrew one count of child pornography on Thursday, but reinstated all charges against Lomax when he was arrested in February 2020 after A victim found two cameras in his bedroom that were allegedly used to record him and others. sex.

The background

“This case is very troubling for a number of reasons,” Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said after the charges were filed. “One, whenever someone possesses or makes child pornography videos, it is a crime against each and every one of us. Second, this person presented himself … as an adult in this victim’s life. Finally, I think this is very troubling because Mr. Lomax is a criminal defense attorney, a well-known criminal defense attorney here in Delaware County, meaning he presents himself in court every day as someone who stands up for justice. and of course he is. crimes have been committed over the years, some of the most heinous and disturbing crimes imaginable.”

Stollsteimer said Lomax lived with a woman, identified as his domestic partner, and his son, identified in a criminal complaint as Victim 1. The three lived together in Media for the about a decade, Stollsteimer said.

Victim 1, an elderly man, brought three small cameras and two video cards to Police Officer Nicole Young Ian. 22, 2020. He allegedly found two cameras hidden in his bedroom and another in Lomax’s bedroom.

After finding the cameras and talking to her mother, the victim learned that one of the video cards had been given to her uncle for safekeeping, according to Stollsteimer.

The uncle was contacted and asked to see the card, which Stollsteimer said contained photographs of the woman who had been shot. how many times he had sex with people in his bedroom.

Young reached out to the Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division, where police Sgt. Kenneth Bellis and Detective Edmond Pisani conducted a special investigation and found more videos of other victims on the second card, according to the police complaint.

Stollsteimer said there were a total of nine victims, including three who were minors at the time the videos were taken. Lomax had been secretly recording the victim since 2015, Stollsteimer said, and other victims also used the bedroom for sex. He said all of the alleged victims were horrified to learn of the videos.

The recorded encounters were not arranged by Lomax, but he recorded them secretly, according to Stollsteimer, and the mother had no knowledge of Lomax’s activities. Stollsteimer said Victim 1 no longer lives with his mother.

The court

Kemp on Thursday gave a series of factual statements to the judge he appeared with defense attorney Joseph Lesniak.

These include the conduct of all alleged acts in the Media House between February 2015 and January 2020; three of the alleged victims were minors at the time; the videos were tagged with the names of the victims; and Lomax admitted to placing the cameras in order to monitor Person 1’s handling of the gun and the use of marijuana.

Kemp introduced 16 different videos that fit each charge, most of which were 30 minutes long. One video shows Lomax posing and adjusting the angle on a camera while he checks it on an iPad, Kemp said, and another includes a suspect who get the camera. In the latter video, Kemp said he could feel Lomax’s breathing and told the victim that he had dropped his iPad and hit his face.

The evidence also included information obtained from Lomax’s tablet, including searches for “hidden cameras” on a pornographic website and a PayPal receipt confirming the purchase of “hidden security cameras,” the report said. said Kemp.

“The accused in his recorded statement (to the police) admitted that he used many hidden cameras in (the victim’s) bedroom to secretly record him,” it read. one of the provisions. “The defendant has admitted to using his iPad to set up the photos, but he says he has deleted the application.”

There was no testimony Thursday and Lesniak gave additional testimony. The attorneys waived both opening and closing statements before adjourning.

The judge said he will take the evidence ordered under advisement and issue a decision on Monday afternoon. Lomax remains free on bail.

Lomax had a previous run-in with the law in 2016 when he assaulted a client on the sidewalk of the county courthouse.

In 2017, he was placed on probation in this case, when he pleaded “no contest” to the charge of inciting violence in public places and was ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution to the client, as well as the fine is $300.

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