The Bucyrus City Council has rejected a reduction in income tax debt

Ordinance that would cut the city’s tax revenue in half was rejected in a three-four vote by members of the Bucyrus City Council on Tuesday.

Then the members of the Council voted unanimously to support an emergency law that would provide a 0.25%, five-year additional income tax for safety nets. in the May election.

Rep. Kevin Myers, R-at-large, said his lawmakers have given him an “overwhelming message” that they oppose debt relief.

“As I said before, I believe we have a responsibility to try to spread that burden equally among all our citizens who pay taxes, not just those who work outside the city, ” Myers said after the vote. “My goal is to see if this tax can be passed so that it can be distributed to all taxpayers, instead of just the 1,700 who work outside the city. “.

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