The bill would provide tax credits to businesses that offer the 4-day work week option.

Friday, January 20, 2023
David Collins, WBAL-TV

A new proposal in Annapolis would encourage companies to offer four-day workdays in exchange for tax breaks.

Nurses and many other professions often work a four-week workday, and now state lawmakers are considering supporting the idea. The search for the right work-life balance is underway in 2023, and some think the four-day workday will help.

“I agree that four working days will, one, make people more productive. They will not burn out so much and they will be able to spend more time at home with their families,” said Brandon Clark, an employee.

“It allows people to do extra things on that third day,” said Mike Hardesty, an employee.

Of the Four Day Week Rule of 2023 (House Bill 181) will conduct a two-year pilot program to measure whether the benefit should be an option under state law, and participating businesses will receive an income tax break.

“The pilot program not only includes the tax credit for companies that change to four working days, it also includes the assets they need to support them and the collection of data to see if it was successful. the pilot or not,” said the bill. sponsor, Montgomery County Representative Vaughn Stewart, D-District 19.

The bill is $750,000 to set aside the pilot program.

Cynthia McBride, a small business owner, said she didn’t believe the program would be voluntary.

“The regulation of the way businesses run their businesses, the micro-management is worrying,” said Cynthia McBride, a business owner.

McBride runs a studio that is open seven days a week. Most of his employees are part-time and work four to five days a week.

“Once the government gets something on the books and approves it, it can continue to be changed and improved, added to, taken away,” McBride said.

Stewart said he believes that in this tough economy where businesses are struggling to find workers, the four-day work day will be an attractive incentive.

“This can be an amazing opportunity that will not only be more interesting, but the workers need to be more flexible,” he said. “Studies have shown that it increases employee productivity and happiness, and many companies are showing interest.”

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