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HBO‘s The last of us the series is not credited to original co-creator Bruce Straley. He’s gone Wicked Dog after his time as director above Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End concluded, he was in the studio for 15 years and rose from artist to director in one of the greatest games ever made. Even if he has had bad dealings with Neil Druckmann and Sony in recent times, Straley more than deserves to have his name announced at the beginning of the show.

Instead, he found this was not made after watching the first episode only to see that Naughty Dog and Druckmann were given the same amount of money, but despite being the chairman of the original game with Druckmann, there is nothing to know. It doesn’t work, and he was right to speak in a recent interview with SUN Time, advocate for integration in the industry, so not only to get the credit it deserves, but get paid for people, a world, and property that continues to dominate the cultural zeitgeist. It’s a direct conversation many greedy people don’t want to have, but in a world where monopoly and the universe are more powerful than ever, those who take the first steps towards their beginnings should be rewarded.


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I’m not sure Naughty Dog expected The Last of Us to become a cultural monolith when the project began. Back in the early 2010s, a new direction for a studio cut its teeth on brands, kart racers, and tongue-in-cheek blockbusters. He suddenly wants to explore an unbelievably sad apocalypse and isn’t afraid to ask tough questions. Since its first wave of positive reviews we’ve seen comics, a remaster, a sequel, a remake, and now a popular television show. The origin of this success comes from Druckmann and Straley, and it’s not unusual.

The original PS3 since then liberalism has faded away, replaced by modern media and a cultural dialogue that largely revolves around Druckmann. He is the genius who seems to be in charge of this universe, and most of his success rests with him, but Straley is completely dismissed and acts as if he has no important role to play in everything. is stupid, and bad at. the worst. The Last of Us is old hat at this point, no doubt tired of not only disrupting video game conversations, but now television in a new but familiar form. We haven’t seen the last of it, and won’t for a few years, so it feels really sad for Straley to sit back and watch all of this happen without him.

He left Naughty Dog after working a number of back-breaking jobs, and knew it was time to leave for his own sanity. While working on games like this and undoubtedly the pressure to make it happen, I think that the victories and defeats will remain with you. Even after you’re gone you value those accomplishments, and hope to be thankful for them no matter what they accomplish in the future. The Last of Us is more than we thought, hundreds of people have been working on this franchise in different fields for the last ten years as they try to save it.

Joel and Sarah in The Last of Us Part 1's introduction

It all started with Druckmann and Straley though, two people with a distinct personality that would grow into a game set to listen to millions. I didn’t work there, I don’t know exactly who was responsible for what and where exactly it should be taken out, but there is enough writing on the wall here to know that one of them is wrong. . Either way, credit is right and necessary in almost every situation. So get it right.

Unionisation has long been a dirty word in video games, with developers and publishers keen to crush any form of labor organization for fear that it will take away from profits or result in the continuing legacy for the talent responsible for bringing games to life. We’ve seen it before in sound at work in sports and entertainment, with video games following in their footsteps in ways that I hope will eradicate toxic business practices and empower people.

I don’t think Straley will be confirmed right before the end of the first season, if his cheating will lead to a new conversation between him and Naughty Dog, but this smell should be done so that encourage change, and bring this business. to work for his shortcomings.

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