The Best Way to Replace Lost Health Insurance

Today we spoke with Martha Khlopin to learn about the best way to replace lost health insurance. Joined by Tasha Joshua, an Independent Insurance Agent, who successfully saved by using Martha’s app.

“On January 25, 2023, President Biden gave a statement about the program. He said that in the past few months, four out of five consumers looking for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act were able to get it. insurance for as little as $10 or less! You can apply directly at But we believe that the best way is to use our FREE App or call us so that we can help each person check the quotes and register in just minutes if, they are eligible.

Use your text message code to text “Getinsurance” to 36260. Download the App on your phone – you can choose to receive a quote and below 15 seconds you can check your account.

To get your free quote call 808-230-3379 or visit

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