The Bank’s Ombudsman has revealed

Kiwibank is one of three of the big five banks that offer 'offset' home loans.


Kiwibank is one of three of the big five banks that offer ‘offset’ home loans.

ANALYSIS: Kiwibank, one of only three of the five major banks that offer home loans, was completely overwhelmed by one customer.

An angry customer who was wronged by the bank, complained to the Ombudsman, winning $5000 in compensation.

The Ombudsman did not name the bank in his case letter, but Kiwibank admitted when asked that it was the bank involved.

Things go wrong from time to time, but the issue is a reminder that there is one thing that is not so important about home loan types, which is a reminder. There is more than one way to manage a mortgage.

* A fair trade is required for people who have home loans and deposits with the same bank.
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* ‘Special’ bank mortgages are not special

The woman’s bank told her it would take six to 10 weeks to split her home loan into two loans, one on a fixed rate and the other on a floating mortgage.

Despite that extraordinary length, the bank was unable to process the request.

When the woman demanded a favor, Kiwibank promised to make changes.

Banks, insurers, lenders, brokers or advisers wronged you? Complain to one of the financial services experts. First published in 2019.

It is a more realistic time to make a simple change to a loan. The woman also requested that her repayments be increased.

Unfortunately, the bank did little of anything.

An offset mortgage is a home loan that is linked to the borrower’s savings and purchases.

The value of the borrower’s deposit is deducted from the amount owed on the home for the purpose of calculating interest.

Someone paying off a $50,000 loan, and saving $10,000, will calculate the interest on their loan as if they only owed $40,000.

In return, the borrower earns no interest on their savings.

Offset loans are suitable for people who like to save money, and a sense of financial stability. Bank of New Zealand, Westpac and Kiwibank offer.

They have floating rate loans and have a higher interest rate than fixed loans, so people often use them for only a portion of their total debt.

Westpac charges 7.99% for its home loan, BNZ 7.74% and Kiwibank 7.75%.

Floating rate loans can also be repaid at any time without penalty, meaning people can use any amount, or as much income as they want. reducing their home loans quickly.

For many people, having a 30-year home loan is unthinkable, bad for their well-being, and life expectancy. They attack their loans. Some employ a financial coaches like or NZ Home Loans. Some invest in real estate to build wealth to pay off their home loans. Others talk to their brokers, or banks, to create their own get-out-of-debt-fast plan.

More than half of home loan borrowers are ahead of their home loanmany received a wake-up call in the early months of Covid that life is not always easy sailing.

The BNZ’s latest financial statements show $2.6 billion of its home loans are offset loans.

BNZ has made a big play of nonset offset, and buyers are happy.

Chris McKeen

BNZ has made a big play of nonset offset, and buyers are happy.

The Ombudsman’s case showed that although he tried to fulfill the needs of his customers, only one of his accounts was related to his mortgage.

The woman found out a few weeks later that all the bank’s mistakes meant she owed more than $3000, if the bank had done what she asked, when she asked.

The bank offered to make things right, and paid the woman $1,200 as compensation, but later increased its offer to $5,400, which she agreed to.

That amount is a reminder of how quickly people who have the desire to reduce their home loan can, if they have the money, and explore their options.


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