The Attorney General is urging Richland County to release Sheriff Leon Lott

After photos surfaced of large amounts of garbage and uncooked food at Alvin S. Glenn Prison, inmates and a federal attorney are demanding a change.

COLUMBIA, SC – Video from inside Alvin S. Glenn Prison have been circulating on social media showing piles of garbage in bedrooms and uncooked food. A prisoner shared their experience from inside the prison.

“We are citizens and we should not be underestimated because we have been accused of something,” said the man. “The equipment is still not good, the water has to be brought in.” Buckets to flush commodes. Even if you can dilute it it will go up, back up or it will flow into another room.”

On Friday, Richland County confirming multiple claims about a police officer who was headbutted in a prison on January 11th.

A statement given by the officer said that they went into a unit to serve lunch, then they were hit on the left side of the back of their heads. They removed a metal object and received medical treatment before locking the prison.

The prisoner we spoke to said he is happy that social media images are finally drawing attention to what prisoners are facing and the violence in the prison.

Columbia lawyer Alexandra Benevento he said. According to him, prisoners have the right to what they need.

“They have a responsibility to these people and their families to keep them safe and provide them with basic needs, and they are not doing it,” said Benevento.

He explained that under the constitution prisoners have the right to food, water, shelter, and a place to live. All citizens also have the right to a speedy trial.

“I think the district has proven that they are not capable of managing this place, in operating this place in a way that needs to be operated and operated, so join the call for Policeman Lota to manage the prison,” said Benevento.

WLTX reached out to Richland County for an interview or update from the Jail Director or County Manager. All requests were denied.

Although the district did not provide any information or new information, they said that they know that improvements should be made and that they are working on them, adding that the staff and safety of this is the highest priority.


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