Tavant Platform Improves the Revolution Mortgage Lending Experience – MortgageOrb

Tavant and residential mortgage company Revolution Mortgage have partnered to combine Revolution’s digital mortgage experience with Tavant’s Contactless banking situation. This partnership will demonstrate the implementation of Touchless Lending Automation, starting with the Analysis of Decisions, followed by Documentation, Credit, and Payments in early 2023.

No-Touch End-to-End Surveys allow Revolution Mortgage to automate and streamline its underwriting and application processes, and improve improve the borrower’s experience. This user-friendly product allows lenders to verify the origination and processing of loans by reviewing Multi-AUS (Automated Underwriting Systems) responses and comparing them to specific loan information and Investor guidelines It creates many options to improve the performance of the work, including the optimization of costs and reduction of processing times, among other possible methods. Search Results can be integrated with any ecosystem and provide a seamless experience in the process of mortgage origination for lenders, loan agencies, securities and capital markets sectors.

‚ÄúLending transactions, especially in the residential mortgage space, are not just between borrowers and lenders. But, there are many other components in the mix,” said Mohammad Rashid, the head of fintech innovation at Tavant. “Therefore, it is more than just one source of the fact – one loan connection for the lender and the borrower – is needed to make any digital index out in the market its true-to-word digital index and automatically. We believe that Touchless Lending is the real thing and investing in the whole structure will give the best, and after we put together the Papers, Loans, and Payments for Revolution Mortgage, our partner that will be confirmed.

Revolution Mortgage already uses Tavant’s Decision Analysis solution in production. This is the first step in the nationwide residential mortgage company’s merger with Touchless Lending, which will showcase the performance of Su Background checks, Credit checks, and Bond checks will begin in early 2023.

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