The Pence Papers pose a new problem for the Attorney General

Politics Merrick Garland must decide what to do about classified documents found at the home of a potential third-party presidential candidate

The teacher warned the Education Office about the threat before the 6-year-old was shot, the lawyer said.

US ‘Administration failed to act,’ says lawyer for injured teacher Abigail Zwerner

More information hacks and scams credit agencies? 3 steps can help protect your privacy.

And even if you win a billion-dollar lottery, only a few states allow you to not know. It can’t even be bought privately, apparently. See: Information from 235 million Twitter users was reportedly exposed by the hacker More money = less privacy Let’s say you just won a bazillion-dollar lottery, and everyone should know. Yes, … Read more

Guatemala has pursued the author’s lawyers

GUATEMALA CITY — Guatemalan authorities arrested a lawyer representing the jailed editor of an investigative newspaper on Thursday and pursued a second lawyer for allegedly obstructing justice. José Rubén Zamora of El Periodico was ordered to stand trial on money laundering charges in December in connection with a 2013 donation to his newspaper that he … Read more

Carbon Credit Markets Still Coming: New Framework Aims to Improve Quality

A group seeking to improve carbon-credit standards will announce labeling rules in March that are expected to meet corporate customer concerns and help improve the new market, but companies will still face a series of criteria used by the various registrars that offer surpluses. The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market said they will … Read more

San Jose gun owners now need liability insurance

San Jose gun owners now need liability insurance  The Wall Street Journal