The FHFA ombudsman reviews the information related to the project

The Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Inspector General recently found more irregularities in reports that occurred after FHFA implemented policies aimed at eradicating undeclared worker relationships in four jobs act. However, the corrections implemented in the recommendation of the office in 2019 still achieve their goal because the FHFA requires both employers and employees to disclose … Read more

VA introduces procedures to eliminate bias

Like the federal government push forward along with its aim to maintain impartial reviews, housing agencies are publishing additional tools to do so. The Department of Veterans Affairs recently released additional resources to help identify potential biases in the review process. The VA is keeping costs under control by making changes to its policies to … Read more

HUD proposes housing code reform

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is planning to update the law “certifying the expansion of suitable housing”, complying with the previous law. promise it adds a broad but effective framework to promote progress toward its goal. The new proposal aims to make it easier “for local communities to recognize inequality and make strong … Read more