New questions have been raised about the loans of George Santos CNN Politics

CNN — The campaign of Rep. George Santos On Tuesday, he submitted updated reports to the federal regulator that seem to raise new questions about the origin of many personal loans that he said he made during his campaign. The New York Republican, the subject of many investigations into his finances and information about his … Read more

George Santos Now Says $500K Campaign Loan Was Not Raised From His Own Money

Representative George Santos made an important revision to his 2022 filings on Tuesday by specifying that a $500,000 loan he took out to the campaign was not from his own funds. The original filing from September included a check box stating that the majority of the loan came from the “personal funds of the candidate”. … Read more

According to representative George Santos, $500,000,000 loan campaign by ‘the people’.

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) is under fire over an earlier allegation that he loaned his campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal funds, filings Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission show. The fake Long Islander isn’t telling the government where the six-month loan came from, but it didn’t come from his nest egg, according … Read more

George Santos admits 500K personal loan to the ad is not ‘personal’.

George Santos promised reporters a surprise on Tuesday. When he brought it coffee and donuts because the journalists are selling his office, it’s a disaster. But it seems there was something else that surprised Santos. Late Tuesday afternoon, the Santos campaign filed a series of amended financial statements, telling the feds, among other things, of … Read more