Mexico’s DEA Chief Quietly Fired for Ties to Drug Lawyers

MIAMI (AP) – The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration last year quietly fired its former top official in Mexico for improper communications with prosecutors for narcotraffickers, an embarrassing short-term scandal. characterized by the destruction of cooperation between countries and the flow of cocaine, heroin. and fentanyl across the border. Nicholas Palmeri’s dalliances with Miami drug lawyers, … Read more

Florida records record in Obamacare enrollment as people clamor for health insurance

Florida had the highest number of people in the country signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, with more than 3.2 million people enrolled, or 20 percent of the total country. A record 16.3 million people nationwide signed up for plans on the federal health insurance exchange during open enrollment, which began … Read more

Attorney Ben Crump to Sue Florida Gov. for Denial AP African American Studies Course

Prominent civil rights attorney Ben Crump will announce his intention to file a lawsuit Wednesday against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for rejecting an African American Higher Education pilot program. Crump is expected to announce the lawsuit during a press conference at the Florida Capitol, where he will be joined by leaders from the American Federation … Read more

The governor of Louisiana has called for a special session on insurance

BATON ROUGE, Sun. (AP) – Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards on Sunday called for a special legislative session to solve the state’s insurance problems. The event is scheduled to begin on January 30 and end on February 5. Louisiana continues to suffer from insurance crises, with insurers either going out of business or going out … Read more

Trump and attorney Habba fined $1 million for ‘frivolous’ lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

NEW YORK (AP) – A Florida judge has sanctioned former President Donald Trump and one of his lawyers, ordering them to pay nearly $1 million for filing what he called a perjury lawsuit against Trump’s 2016 rival Hillary Clinton and others. In a scathing filing Thursday, U.S. District Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks accused Trump of … Read more

Federal judge fines Trump lawyers more than $900,000 for ‘continued abuse of court’

A federal judge in Florida on Thursday fined former President Trump and his legal team more than $900,000 for what he called an “ongoing” abuse of court by pursuing political causes in response to a “frivolous” case against the former senator and Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton. “This case should never have been brought up. … Read more

Florida homeowners will continue to face challenges in the Property Insurance market in 2023

The trend of paying for protecting your home is expected to continue in 2023. According to the Insurance Information Institutespending in Florida is expected to rise an average of 40% this year, although lawmakers in Tallahassee approved major changes in a special session four illegal last month. “The situation is so bad in Florida and … Read more

Citizens Insurance ‘takes away’ consumers in search of lower rates

The Citizen’s Property Insurance Corporation should be the insurer of last resort, but the company has become the largest state-owned company with more than 1 million policies. However, there is a concerted effort to return landlords to the private market. (TENDING: Why are some street lights turning purple in Central Florida? | The Flagler Beach … Read more

Lack of flood insurance in Central Florida hurts families struggling after Hurricane Jan | CNN

CNN — When Amanda Trompeta was woken up by her dog early last Thursday, she said she was just scared of Hurricane Jan. But he got out of bed – and found himself standing in ankle-deep water. By the time the storm passed, three and a half feet of dark, murky water had reached Trompeta’s … Read more