Advice | I am about to retire but I still have a mortgage. Am I suffering?

With today’s real estate prices, Canadians are buying homes later in life than ever before. That means some people are facing a problem not often seen in previous generations: They still have years left on the mortgage when they retire. According to financial planner Dan Hallett, in a perfect world, people would have no mortgages … Read more

More mortgage changes are coming for Australia

In recent months there has been a lot of debate surrounding the “fixed mortgage” and its impact on the housing market and the economy in general. Opinions about the issue range from those who view it as a non-event, to those who view it with great concern. Instead of worrying about the opinions of business … Read more

Air Canada says no, then issues customer credit after ordering errors |

Name a position of mobile aircraft. Phil and Marsha Rehel thought it would be one sided, but the Air Canada book they made was in the opposite direction of what they wanted. “We only have Air Canada in Sudbury so we decided to book Air Canada from Sudbury to Toronto,” said Phil, explaining that he … Read more

Is a short term mortgage still worth it?

Regardless of the intent, the market rewards borrowers for risk. Over five years, the risk-reward ratio of taking back a one-year fixed mortgage remains favorable.Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press Mortgage brokers are increasing the Bank of Canada prices will be cut within a year. That is the best guide to avoid being locked in for a … Read more