Syracuse Orange: Big thanks to Adam Weitsman for his many NIL efforts

It’s a brave new world out there in college sports – entrepreneur and SU lifeguard Adam Weitsman is on his way to try to do whatever he can to help Syracuse Orange athletes succeed now and in the future.

Name, picture and appearance (“NIL”) were present almost two years in collegeand expensive NIL trades flying around the country in soccer, basketball, many other sports, as well as going to high schools .

last fall, came a piece Weitsman said that he planned to offer $1 million annually to one five-star basketball recruit and one five-star football player on behalf of his companies.

Meanwhile, Weitsman has repeatedly emphasized to me that he plays by the rules when it comes to making high school NIL offers ( “pay-for-play” is not allowed by the NCAA).

Weitsman has been in contact with SU’s Office of Athletics to gather information about NCAA rules surrounding NIL cases, and he work with a NIL attorney to make sure he’s doing everything by the book. I have spoken with Adam Weitsman several times over the past few months, and I have to say, I really admire the efforts he is making regarding NIL.

Adam Weitsman is very important in the NIL field for Syracuse Orange games.

Weitsman d clear focus on canoes these days. We have summarized at least five high schools that hold scholarships Orange offers and NIL major offers have been received from Weitsman. One of those goals, however, was declared in North Carolina at the end of December.

I have no doubt that there will be more NIL offers that he will share in the near future, and I am very grateful that he is sharing these kinds of developments with me.

But Adam Weitsman are also investing significant NIL dollars currently a Syracuse Orange student-athlete. He is working to secure multiple NIL agreements with male and female athletes, whether or not they are on SU-college-athletes. or members.

And I believe that Weitsman will be doing things in the near future with many Syracuse Orange football players and ‘Cuse football recruits.

His NIL plan seems to be improving, and we will continue to discuss his NIL offers and signing agreements as they arrive down the line.

As I’ve reported on Weitsman’s NIL events in recent weeks and months, I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback on social media and in chat rooms about what Adam is doing. .

Sure, some fans like to say what happened to Adam in the past, and rightly so. For me, I am focusing on what he is doing now. We have all made mistakes, and Adam is in charge of it.

But right now, right now, these days, Adam Weitsman is spending a lot of his time and money doing whatever he can to help the Syracuse Orange games succeed in the near future. from and long.

Yes, Adam Weitsman is rich. But I am familiar with him, and he is a respectful, appreciative, respectful and humble person. loves New York and SU sports.

The Syracuse Orange team’s athleticism and recruiting efforts need more NIL time to compete with others in the Atlantic Coast Conference and nationally.

Adam Weitsman, to his credit, doesn’t just talk about NIL. He is making offers, transaction completionand create excitement, energy and noise for myself and many, many other Syracuse Orange fans.

Thank you, Adam Weitsman. We appreciate you, a lot.

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