Suspect Charged with Mail Theft in Troy, Found Credit Cards and Checks – Oakland County Times

The suspect has been charged with robbing the Mail in Troy, and taking credit cards and checks

(Troy Police, Jan. 19, 2023)

Troy, MI – On January 16, 2023, Troy police conducted additional patrols in a neighborhood near Crooks Rd and Big Beaver Rd due to multiple complaints of mail theft from residents.

While there, an officer noticed a woman opening the mailbox and trying to remove the mail. The officer stopped the vehicle and identified the woman as Khaira Howard, a resident of the City of Detroit.

A search of Howard and his car revealed several pieces of mail from Troy residents, along with personal checks and credit cards in other people’s names.

Howard was charged with multiple counts of receiving and concealing property, possession of stolen property and license violations. Howard appeared on multiple felony charges on Jan. 19 in District Court 52-4.

The Troy Police Department would like to recognize our officers for putting this crime first and policing our neighborhoods. We continue to ask our residents to be alert to the increase in mail theft reports. Email theft can lead to identity theft, check theft and negatively affect your credit score.

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