Statement by Attorney General Merrick B. Garland on the Second Commemoration of the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

Friday, January 6, 2023, will mark 24 months since the attack on the US Capitol that disrupted the joint session of the US Congress in the process of validating the presidential election.

Under the constant direction of the Department of Justice, the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia and the FBI’s Washington Field Office, the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the attack continues with speed and scale. never happened before.

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland made the following statement:

“Two years ago, the U.S. Capitol was attacked while lawmakers were meeting to confirm the results of the presidential election. The rioters attacked the police, confronted and assaulted members of the media, and disrupted a key element of our democracy: the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another.

“Since then, countless agents, investigators, judges, investigators, and others within the Department of Justice have participated in one of the largest, most complex, and most resource-intensive investigations ever. in our history. I am very grateful for the dedication, skill, and honesty with which they did this work. This investigation has led to the arrest of more than 950 of those accused of their involvement in the attack. We have confirmed convictions for numerous illegal acts on January 6 as well as in the days and weeks leading up to the attack. Our work is not done yet.

“We cannot forget the sacrifice of the security guards who protected members of Congress and others in the Capitol that day. And we will never forget the five officers who selflessly responded on January 6 and lost their lives: Officer Brian Sicknick, Officer Howard Liebengood, Officer Jeffrey Smith, Officer Gunther Hashida, and Officer Kyle DeFreytag.

“The Ministry of Justice remains committed to honoring them. We remain committed to ensuring accountability for those responsible for the January 6 attack on our democracy. And we remain committed to doing everything in our power to prevent this from happening again.”


According to public court records, the following is a summary of the search as of Wednesday, January 4, 2023. The complete records of most of the public court records were used to compile These statistics are available on the Capitol Breach Investigation Resource Page at

Arrest made: More than 950 almost all of them have been charged 50 state and the District of Columbia. (Including those charged in the District Court and the Supreme Court).

Criminal status:

  • More than 284 accused of assaulting, resisting, or obstructing officers or employees, including 99 individual people charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon or causing serious injury to an officer.
    • Approximately 140 police were attacked on January 6 at the Capitol, including approx 80 from the US Capitol Police and about 60 from the Metropolitan Police Department.
  • Approximately 11 Individuals have been arrested on charges related to assaulting a member of the media, or damaging their equipment, on January 6. .
  • Approximately 860 those charged with entering or staying in a government building or compound. They are, 91 The defendant is charged with entering a prohibited area with a dangerous or deadly weapon.
  • Approximately 59 those accused of damaging government property have been charged, and about 36 accused of stealing government property.
  • More than 295 the defendants are charged with obstructing, influencing, or obstructing an official proceeding, or attempting to do so.
  • Approximately 50 The defendants are charged with conspiracy, or: (a) conspiracy to interfere with a council proceeding, (b) conspiracy to interfere with law enforcement during a public emergency. civil society, (c) conspiracy to injure an officer, (d) conspiracy to commit violence, or (e) ) a combination of the four.


  • Approximately 484 Each has pleaded guilty to various federal charges, many of whom faced or will face prison terms.
    • Approximately 119 has pleaded guilty to serious charges. Another one 364 admitted to the crime.
    • Amount of 52 those who have pleaded guilty to felony charges have pleaded guilty to federal charges of assaulting a police officer. An additional 22 people have pleaded guilty to felony charges of obstructing law enforcement during a civil disturbance. These things 74 defendant, 41 is now sentenced to imprisonment up to 90 month.
    • Bye those who pleaded guilty to felony charges have pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges.


  • 40 Individuals who have been convicted in controversial lawsuits, including three who were sentenced in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Another one 10 individuals are convicted following an agreed upon set of facts. 16 these things 50 defendants charged with assault, resisting, or obstructing officers, a felony, including one who has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.


  • Approximately 351 The federal defendants were arraigned and sentenced for their crimes on January 6. 192 sentenced to prison terms. Approximately 87 The defendants were sentenced to a period of house arrest, including approx 14 he was also sentenced to a period of imprisonment.

General Assistance:

  • Citizens from all over the country have provided valuable assistance in identifying individuals connected to the January 6 attack. The FBI continues to seek the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect. 350 people who believed that they had committed acts of violence on the grounds of the Capitol, including above 250 who assaulted the police.
  • Also, the FBI is here now 14 video footage of suspects wanted for violent attacks on federal officials and one video of two Those who are suspected of assaulting members of the media on January 6 are seeking the help of the public to identify them.
  • Some criminals about whom the FBI is seeking public information to identify and trace Evan Neumann, Jonathan Daniel PollockAFO #91, #292, #371and #383. AFO #91 uses what appears to be a club to hit several guards several times while inside the entrance to Lower West Terrace, commonly referred to as the channel. AFO #292, #371, and #383 are all shown on video charging and assaulting officers, and apparently being caught and try to grab the police batons.
  • For photos and videos of the attackers, please visit Anyone with information can call 1-800-CALL-FBI (800-225-5324) or visit

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