Sky Italia: Roma reject loan deal with Spurs for Nicolo Zaniolo

If there was one thread that often dates back even earlier than the reign of Fabio Paratici in Tottenham Hotspur director of football, is happy to sign Nicolo Zaniolo. So what is this? Another Nicolo Zaniolo story? Alright then, let’s talk about it.

According to Gianluca DiMarzio, Rome are keen to sell Zaniolo for the right price in January, with Tottenham listed as an interested candidate along with West Ham and Dortmund. DiMarzio also said here that the Spurs made an offer for a loan with an obligation to buy if certain conditions were met.

Enter Sky Italia, there is a final article that says that this loan offer has been rejected by Roma, then Incentive conditions are not acceptable to the Serie A club. Roma seem to want any sale to be “easy,” meaning they are ready to let him go and want to make it easy for Zaniolo to accept them. Sky have indicated they can buy him outright for €40m.

In the past, we doubted Zaniolo’s fit to Tottenham, but despite being linked with him since 2019 he is still only 23 years old, and would be a welcome addition to a team that seems desperate for a striker subtle attack. He can also play (and play) forward for Roma, so he could be an option in Tottenham’s front line, and Conte seems to want another attacker this month.

Zaniolo has taken more shots this season in Rome, better than 3.5 S/90, and is a big bull that Conte might like, but he is not the best passer and seems very disappointed in Rome. — Sky note that he was booed off the field recently by Roma fans in a recent match against Bologna. But now, Spurs need to do SOMETHING and Nicolo Zaniolo is proving to be a guy with a high ceiling. Perhaps taking him off the hands of Jose Mourinho could be the start of his career.

Anyway, here’s another thing to check as we head back into the middle of January transfer window.

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