Research Roundup of the Expanded Child Tax Credit: One Year On — Columbia University Center on Poverty and Social Policy

The American Rescue Plan dramatically expanded the 2021 Child Tax Credit, increasing the benefit level and making more than 90 percent of children nationwide eligible—almost all of them all are in higher income families. Ongoing research has seen its impact, as well as its eventual demise. A challenge is the best way to understand this ever-growing foundation.

This research series is an update to the First Child Tax Credit review what we knew after six months, published in December 2021. It brings together what we know now as of early November 2022—more than a year since the announcement of the expansion of the Child Tax Credit and close to one year from the last monthly payment. It examines the range of information available about household income and receipt of payments, how households use them, and how payments affect their lives. , and what happened after the payments in 2022.

This evidence is reviewed under nine main themes: availability; income; poverty; expenses; food; financial difficulties; differences in payment type (eg, monthly vs. lump sum); work; and equality.

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