Research: cost is the biggest barrier to health insurance

“At Florida Blue, we are committed to providing our communities with access to affordable, high-quality healthcare solutions,” the statement said. David WagnerFlorida Blue marketing for South Florida. “We know people are busy, tired, and everything is expensive, but we are here to help them through these difficult times and make it easier than ever to change plans. or sign up for plans, especially during the open enrollment period to close. January 15.”


Financial assistance for health insurance (called assistance) is not just for US citizens Most legal immigrants are eligible for help paying for insurance through the Marketplace, including green card holders and those with work or student visas.

And the receipt of financial aid will not affect the status of immigration and the process due to the laws of the government, which was removed in it. March 2021.

While finding the right health plan can be a challenge, there are thousands of insurance licensees and carriers across the state that offer free coverage for their coverage. special interest. Members and navigators can help determine which health insurance plans are right for them and their families, help enroll them in a plan and help them apply for financial assistance.

For more information, contact a local Florida Blue representative, visit the Florida Blue Center or visit

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