Requests are made by the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney to free the offenders

A special jury will soon investigate whether the Norfolk County District Attorney allowed the release of convicted felons.

The requestobtained by News 3, was signed by five people, and asked a judge to conduct a special jury review of the claims against Ramin Fatehi.

Amina Matheny-Willard filed the petition that Fatehi is a public nuisance. Matheny-Willard lost her bid to become Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney in the June 2021 Democratic Primary.

Last week, the judge ordered Fatehi to respond to the request, and to request a date to set the court in February, to evaluate how then proceed with the matter.

Fatehi gave the following statement:

“I am well aware of the filing of the petition and the publication of the lawyer who wrote it, the petition is not based on the law and the truth, I am waiting to do the request and his allegations before the court in February”.

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