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Property Advocates is proud to announce the successful representation of Mr. Collier in a lawsuit he filed against his insurance company because of a denied claim.

The Real Estate Consultant announced that the representative of a Florida man was successful in his claim against his insurance company that refused to cover his property damage.

In the case of Collier v. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Broward County, the Property Advocates represented Mr. Collier. His properties were damaged both inside and out due to the strong winds. The wind damaged his roof, allowing water to enter the house through the roof.

Unfortunately, the claim of Mr. Collier’s claim for coverage under his homeowner’s policy was completely denied by his insurance company, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Broward County. The denial decision was made after an inspection by a property manager who is limited to making inspections on behalf of insurance companies.

The only way Collier was able to do this was to file a lawsuit, and he is the party in this case.

During the ensuing trial, Citizens Property Insurance attempted to prevent the case from proceeding to trial by filing Two different taxes for Summary Judgment. The court denied both requests, which paved the way for the lawsuit to proceed to trial.

The $7,000 that Mr. Collier to pay for the damage to the interior of his house due to the damage to the roof, but the Citizens refused to pay.

During the trial, the company successfully defended the argument made by Citizens Property Insurance – the wind was not the cause of the opening of the roof, which eventually caused the water to flow into the the house of mr. Collier.

The three-day trial involved both sides calling competent witnesses to testify their arguments. Finally, the jury made the decision of Mr. Collier and gave him more than he had ever sought.

Thanks to the help of Property Advocates, Colliers received $10,000 to help pay for the damage to his home due to the damage to his roof.

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Property Advocates is a full service law firm to help Florida residents resolve complex and sometimes controversial property insurance claims, such as Mr. Collier.

The dedicated legal team at The Property Advocates has the knowledge, resources, and drive to help all of their clients ensure that they are their insurance company upholds their end of the policy agreement, and pays them the appropriate compensation if necessary.

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