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If you live in Arizona, here are some great programs that could be a game changer for you financially. Eligible individuals can receive free assistance from Take Charge America by applying for $40,000 in financial assistance through the Arizona Homeowner Assistance Fund. Here is some information about this special program.

Arizona Homeowner Assistance Fund

The Housing Assistance Fund is a foreclosure prevention program. These funds can be used to pay the homeowner’s mortgage debt, property tax penalties, and HOA penalties that may result in foreclosure. (source) Applicants go through five steps to receive funds. First is the time to review applications and then accept those who are eligible and then pay the service providers at a later time. You can do the first test Apply to see if you qualify here.

There are other options for homeowners in Arizona

If you visit the Arizona Department of Housing, you get more opportunities for homeowners in the state. Just click the link here and you will learn about the Home ARP program and the CDBG program as well.

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