Q4 2022 Mortgage Market Opportunity Survey Report

Marketing Boomerang and Mortgage Coach announced the release of Sales Boomerang’s latest mortgage market report available. With the number of mortgages that continue to decrease, the Q4 2022 report shows the opportunities that are still available in stimulating and innovative lending.

Key Findings:Sales Boomerang’s loan information identifies contacts in the borrower’s database who are actively shopping for a loan. mortgage or may benefit from a new mortgage loan. On the other side of the sample group, the number of each type of alert in Q4 2022 is as follows:

  • Mortgage research caveats: 1.58% of monitored networks (down 44.37% from Q3)A customer or prospect who made a purchase with a competitor in the last 24 hours.
  • EPO Alert: 0.81% of monitored networks (down 60.49% from Q3)A customer or prospect who closed their loan ≤ 6 months ago shopped with a competitor in the last 24 hours.
  • Credit Improvement Warning: 4.00% of network monitoring (down 26.87% from Q3)A customer or prospect has improved their FICO score.
  • New Listing Warning: 0.52% of monitored networks (down 53.57% from Q3)A buyer or prospective buyer has listed their home for sale.
  • Equity Alert: 3.01% of monitored networks (down 35.68% from Q3)A customer or prospect has moved house.
  • Weather Warning: 0.05% of monitored links (down 89.80% from Q3)The customer’s interest rate or current mortgage is significantly higher than the current rate.

Sales Boomerang’s test ads find out not only if a customer can benefit from a certain type of loan, but also if Credit the customer to apply for financing. This added level of intelligence identifies the best-in-class models available to mortgage lenders. today. The duration of each alert in Q4 2022 is as follows:

  • Payout Alert: 2.07% of monitored networks (down 20.38% from Q3)A borrower is qualified and has enough money to finance their home.
  • Plan-and-Time Alert: 0.05% of monitored connections (down 95.93% from Q3)A borrower is eligible and can benefit from the current interest rate for a refinance.
  • FHA MI Removal Alert: 2.07% of monitored connections (down 80.08% from Q3)An FHA borrower has more than 20% equity and can remove mortgage insurance (MI).


For a group of lenders that maintain service records, the most common crash-and-record notices are:

  • Alert Type and Record: 43.46% of monitored networks (up 43.53% from Q3)A customer is engaged in one or more of the 15 credit activities that may put them at risk.



  • Although Debt settlement, Equality and FHA MI Removal In Q3, they outperform other types of alerts, indicating opportunities for lenders to reconnect with past loan applicants and help homeowners who haven’t taken advantage of the upgrade. their financial situation.
  • New List Forecasts fell for the second quarter, reflecting a reduction in US housing inventory between October and November of 2022. The supply shortage, which is especially for entry-level homes, putting first-time buyers on the back burner and homeowners panicking. trading. Strategies like down payment assistance and buy-down are increasingly important tools for lenders trying to serve more customers. buy.
  • Risk & Prevention Shows rose more than 40% for the second quarter in a row amid reports that rising prices are taking a toll on consumers. accounts receivable and accounts receivable. With store credit cards now carrying APRs in excess of 30%, interest rates remain high, even in an environment of mortgage interest.
  • Mortgage analysis and EPO shows were down for the third quarter. With fewer customers putting themselves in the market for a mortgage, founders must connect with customers to understand their financial goals and show how the right mortgage loan can help.

“As the trends from Q3 continue, and in some cases increase, in Q4, donors need to be proactive and creative in order to keep their pipeline from drying up,” said Sales Boomerang and the Instructor of Mortgage Chief Visionary Officer Alex Kutsishin. “By combining Sales Boomerang’s credit expertise with Mortgage Coach’s comprehensive research, lenders can take advantage of they hide their own data and provide borrowers with new strategies for buying a home, building wealth or paying off debt. In this market, it is becoming more important every day for lenders to think strategically and build trust with customers.”

To read the full report, including more information, charts and methods, click here.

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