Prosecutors speak out about ‘Rust’ gun distribution

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – New Mexico was in the national spotlight this week, including when prosecutors announced charges in the incident.

If there is a trial for the actor Alec Baldwin – the country will pay attention to the criminal justice system of New Mexico.

We spoke with a criminal defense lawyer on Saturday who said that although no one is above the law, whether you like it or not, a case of this magnitude is about to change. how it will happen.

“Everybody’s been familiar with the Baldwin family, for generations, right?” said Jenn Burrill, president-elect of the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

So how does this star power influence a jury verdict?

“In this situation, the situation is quite different, because it is not only the Santa Fe news that publishes this matter, but the news of the country. So there is no other jurisdiction in the state, which may be appropriate, in terms of not having much access to the media to see or know the facts,” said Burrill.

Burrill says that “Baldwin” is a family name, changing places off the table. But how do you get an unbiased decision?

Burrill said if it comes to that, it will be difficult.

“The question is going to be very different than what we usually ask, right? Because we, one of the most common questions is, you know, ‘have you seen a press release about this?’ And so it’s going to be really hard to find someone who has been living under a rock and hasn’t seen an announcement about this,” Burrill said.

If this goes to court. According to him, formal charges must be filed and then the preliminary hearing will be held, where serious charges can be dismissed.

Fair or not, the Rust case thrust Santa Fe’s legal system into the limelight.

“I think it highlights our affordability problem. There is a problem with power, of course, you know, especially last year when the governor added the lots of police on the road. Now we’re seeing that prosecutors, courts, and defense attorneys don’t have the capacity to handle that,” Burrill said.

Burrill said the unemployment is more evident now than ever.

“That’s what the district attorney announced that goes to the emergency funding, the $317,000 emergency fund, which is not half of what he asked for, because they don’t have money in their office,” he said.

Burrill said the district attorney is ready for charges to be formally filed so that proceedings can begin, and what he called “quarterback seating” and speculation in this case can be stopped.

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