Pokémon YouTuber’s Pet Fish Accidentally Reveals Owner’s Credit Information

YouTuber Mutekimaru, famous for having a pet fish play Pokemon in livestreams, went viral earlier this week for something worse than whipping a Pokémon games without opposable thumbs: during a river of Pokémon Violetan unexpected error caused the fish to leave the game and enter the Nintendo eShop, where they not only showed the owner’s credit card information, but they bought 500 yen (about US$4).


Mutekimaru (named Maurice) devised a system to allow his Siamese fish (named Betta) to “play” the game. Mutekimaru divided his husband into different groups designated as a Nintendo Switch to Left, Right, Up, Down, A, and B. Then set up a camera to track the fish’s movements in the gear while it’s flying. poetry in different parts of her husband.

To date, he has played 20,000 hours and entered the Hall of Fame in six Pokémon title without a hitch. In 2020, they will found a problem that has so far not been reported Pokémon Sapphireand found others inside Pokémon Sword Last July.

However, it may be the real fish too smart for their own good because after an unexpected mistake at the time of treasure Pokémon Violet stream that caused the game to be closed, the fish finally took control of the Switch’s home directory. First, they changed the character’s name from “Mutekimaru” to “Rowawawa¥.” Then they found the Nintendo eShop and start spoiling, use Mutekimaru’s credit card to add 500 yen to his eShop balance. After looking at the Minecraft eShop page, the catch Nintendo Change online and spend some entrance fees. Only then did they (apparently) decide to call it a day and put the Switch to sleep.

Despite the horror of receiving an automated email out of the blue about his fish purchases and realizing that his credit card information had been exposed on the stream, he Mutekimaru looked amused at the situation. He posted a tweet Last Sunday about the incident. The tweet quickly went viral, garnering more than 20,000 retweets.

What a way to stop playing fish Pokémon Saga in December, Mutekimaru hearing in a video the rivers will end when the water runs out Pokémon Violet run because the fish is going to his parents’ house. He will still visit his pets, but the YouTube the channel must continue under a different configuration. Thanks for all the memories!

Source: Email Contact, Automatic (Yusuke Oizumi)

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