Oklahoma’s attorney general says ‘the current pace of sentencing is unsustainable’ and wants to see them | CNN


The Oklahoma Attorney General is here file a motion to clear the seven-point sentence that the state’s Department of Corrections (DOC) allows between each incident.

In a filing on Tuesday, Attorney General Gentner Drummond said that the current pace of executions cannot be sustained in the long term.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, there are 10 sentences left for 2023 – the only month without an execution is September. This motion requests 60 days of the first seven sentences of the year, instead of the 30 days that have been assigned.

“Since October 28, 2021, DOC has successfully executed eight executions,” the filing said. “One of the things that has become clear over time is that the current rate of punishment cannot last for a long time, due to the heavy burden on the DOC and its employees. This is especially true because of the amount and intensity of the DOC training that employees face to prepare for each sentence.

The attorney general attended the last sentencing in the state on Jan. 12, the filing said. After discussions with DOC leaders about the implementation process, Drummond said he would “request a restructuring of the implementation process to reduce the burden on DOC staff, ensure confidence in the system, and save this honorable and important system.”

The next sentence is scheduled for February 16 Richard Glossip. His case has been going through the appeals process for years. Glossip is about to be sentenced three times before – even for the last three meals, his lawyers said.

Critics have called Oklahoma’s one execution per month fast “careless.”

In 2022, Deborah Denno, a law professor at Fordham University, told CNN that the state’s timeline for the implementation of “just one stupid move by Oklahoma.”

The state has a history of violent incidents and experts have warned the rapid pace could raise the possibility of another.

The motion, filed in the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, states that this request is only for seven more sentences. Its impact on the remaining 13 prisoners will be discussed “in due course.”

“Before the petition was filed, Drummond visited with the family members who were affected by the prisoners as mentioned above to explain the reason for the petition,” said a statement on Wednesday.

“I don’t take this request lightly,” Drummond said. “These families have been waiting for years to see justice, and I am grateful for their understanding in this matter.”

CNN has reached out to the attorney general’s office to determine the next step in this case.

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